Welcome to Santé Sanctuary

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Welcome to Santé Sanctuary

Your One Stop Health Solution where we practice comprehensive functional medicine that could ensure you for the best guidance


Michael Loh

Managing Director / Principal at Santé Sanctuary @Global Doctors Hosptial

“Today’s world is an exciting place to live in but also one fraught with health challenges. Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, mental wellness and stroke are just some of the things we now commonly suffer from; and so are conditions such as allergies, low immunity, imbalanced hormones, chronic inflammation and decreased sexual libido. These diseases and conditions are lifestyle related and can be prevented.

So why compromise when you don’t need to? My aim is to offer all our patients a real shot at a great and sustainable quality of life through functional medicine via individually-tailored, comprehensive, effective and readily available solutions and therapies. ”

About Us

"Finding the secrets to optimum health is like completing a massive jigsaw puzzle. Often, we discover missing crucial pieces. At Santé Sanctuary, we offer you the vital solutions you need to complete your very own picture of perfect health.

Trinity of Care

We are functional medicine practice, an emerging custom of health care. Specifically through the practice of integrative and complementary medicine, we help patients achieve optimal and sustainable health to avoid or minimise the onset and development of diseases. Our unique philosophy at Santé Sanctuary lies in our Trinity of Care. We belive in healthy bodies working at their optimum levels. This is achieved through a framework of: * Hormonal and cell balance * An enhance immune system * Supplemented by proper nutrition