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About Us

About Us

Sante Sanctuary is Kuala Lumpur’s premier destination for those who wish to attain optimal health through Functional Medicine. Sante Sanctuary was borne to meet the demands of an increasingly savvy customer base that strives for wellness and longevity via preventive healthcare services.

From its location within the Global Doctor’s Hospital in the upmarket suburb of Mont Kiara in Kuala Lumpur, Sante Sanctuary houses a professional team of certified doctors, nurses and wellness coaches to help patent attain the common goal of optimal health- the best state of health a person can be in, given their age, health background, genetics and so on. It is the discovery of an equilibrium where every organ and cell is working at its best ability. In this state, resulting in a person feeling in the best health he or she can.

Optimal health is delivered through Sante Sanctuary’s signature Trinity of Care philosophy and via a 5 step Penta Progression methodology.

Sante Sanctuary is equipped with state-of-art technology including comprehensive testing, to deliver a range of treatments, services and solutions in the areas of Gut Rejuvenation, Cellular Regeneration, Nutrition & Supplementation, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Detoxification to help patients discover crucial missing pieces in their optimal health.

Overall Approach

Sante Sanctuary follows a science-based approach that is holistic in nature. In other words, rather than treating symptomatically, the entire constitution of the client is analysed to determine bloodworks indicators, metabolic markers, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and dysfunctions in total body system in order to correct, mitigate, restore and prevent further or future disease. Personalised treatment programs and therapy protocols offer optimal pathways for the ultimate preventive and restorative well-care, along with guided education and follow-up commitment to our clients, to ultimately achieve optimal levels of our client’s health quotients.