Immune System

Studies have shown that our immunity is directly linked to the state of our gut health. Our gastrointestinal tract house constitutes about seventy percent of our immune system. To ensure that your intestinal flora is kept healthy to ensure that your body’s immune system is functioning optimally, we offer a series of programs, therapies and enemas with a robust focus on cleansing, fortification and maintenance.


Gut Rejuvenation Program

A 90-day program designed to kick-start your journey to a healthier gut, a stronger immunity and an overall healthier you.

Colon Therapy

Using a modern and innovative closed water system to cleanse the colon with properly calibrated scalar water to revitalize.

Chelation Therapy

An effective method of eliminating harmful metals such as mercury, aluminum, lead and arsenic from the body.

Coffee Enema

A self-administered system to support colon hydrotherapy and aid in detoxifying the liver by opening up blood vessels that connect the liver to the colon.

Ozone Therapy

Using medical ozone to battle ageing, improve immune system, increase oxygenation to cells, increase cells’ energy output, stimulate antioxidant enzyme systems, kill bacteria, viruses and cancel cells.