Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

This final step in our process seeks to sustain a patient’s newfound state of health through a series of follow up services to enjoy a life-long equilibrium of health and wellness.

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Life Coaching

Our Health Coaches work with you to help them achieve optimum wellness through food and lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing one diet or an exercise regime, they will tailor a personalised wellness program to meet each patient’s needs. Apart from diet, our Health Coach also looks at one’s relationship issues, exercise regime, career and level of spirituality, giving our process a holistic approach that will support you as a whole. Our Health Coaching process oversees and supports a journey to total wellness.

Personalised Supplementation

We identify supplements that work together in a complementary fashion to benefit a patient’s personal needs and requirements in order to maintain in optimal health, always. Our supplements are carefully formulated by us and are easy to use even after your packages and treatments at the clinic have ended.

Nutritional Counseling

Our board-certified nutritionists are tasked to help patients understand the importance of healthy and sensible eating to promote better health and wellness. They work with each patient to understand his/her usual dietary intake and identify areas where change is needed. As part of the nutrition counseling process, a patient will be provided with information, educational materials, support, and follow-up to help him/her make and maintain the needed dietary changes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Using TCM’s more than 2,000 years of knowledge to manage chronic conditions as part of a wellness lifestyle. We subscribe to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy of treating not only the physical body, but also the mind and spirit, and in doing so, bring one’s the body to a higher functional level with an improved state of balance – positively affecting things like our metabolism, immune system and organ function.