The Team and their bios

Dr. Philip Lun Kee Chia

Dr. Philip is a Diplomate and Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians, as well as a board certified medical acupuncturist. His diverse exposure to the different healing arts of holistic medicine spans from the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anthroposophic Medicine, Dorn Spinal Alignment Method as well as Functional Medicine. Dr. Chia’s passion lies in educating his patients about their health conditions and wellness predispositions as well as inculcating self-empowerment to help them overcome their illnesses while standing on their side as a wellness partner.

Charlene Ruth Lim

Charlene is a Certified Health Coach, graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition New York. She is also a Licensed Neuro Linguistic Practitioner trained in London by Dr Richard Bandler, founder of NLP program.

Charlene works with clients to help them navigate through challenges such as stress, sleep issues, weight loss, binge-eating, low energy and digestive distress.

She is trained to help clients identify and overcome personal roadblocks and support them by creating and executing a plan that takes into account each individual’s situations and life parameters.