Hormonal Balance

shutterstock_340127795-1Strive for balance in your hormones. When levels decline as we age, we see and feel the effects in our health, energy, mood and appearance, affecting our vitality, fitness, beauty, immunity, stamina, libido, wellness and even confidence and self-esteem. assignment writing What we end up with is a feeling that you don’t feel like your old self. Fortunately, there is a way to restore that delicate balance and replenish the youthful essence we remember.

Our hormones play a crucial role in our overall health and the health of our heart, sex life, bones, brain, skin, even our eyes. They are powerful chemical messengers that circulate through the bloodstream to specific target cells, where they generate a wide range of biological responses. Hormone imbalances can have an impact on virtually every major system and organ in the body. One may ghost writher consider hormones as some of the prime moves in physical and emotional health.

We have more than 50 different hormones in our bodies, here are three of the main sex hormones:


Controls women’s menstrual cycles. Too little would result in not menstruating, too much can make breasts tender, brain anxious and mood irritable. An overload of estrogen may invite fibroids and endometriosis and may lead to increased cell production, a precursor to cancer of the uterine lining and other cancers. In men, it is important that estrogen levels remain low.


Brings check and balance to estrogen levels. Triggers a rise in body temperature at mid menstrual cycle and ripens lining of uterus in preparation of the egg. When progesterone no longer balances estrogen, it may lead to insomnia, brain fog and anxiety. In men, progesterone can help balance the effects of estrogen just like in women. Its calming effects help lift the mood and encourage restful sleep.


It provides women with energy, mental sharpness and a healthy libido. In men, too little testosterone may cause difficulty obtaining or maintaining erections.

How we can hep you rediscover hormonal balance.