Cellular Regeneration Bio-engineered Cell Lysate Treatment

Bio-engineered Cell Lysate Therapy

is a process that utilizes specific bio-engineered organs to provide the 4R’s of cell therapy. Cell lysate is a purification process that involves the breaking down (lysis) of the bio-engineered organs and stripping all the DNA and RNA (which can carry potential defects and diseases), leaving the organelles, protein markers, and growth factors, all of which are considered to be the “taskmasters” that would encourage the target organ to provide the 4R’s.
   Santé Sanctuary offers a USFDA approved source of bio-engineered human cell lysate therapy based on the specific organ requirement to promote Rejuvenation, Reversal, Recovery, and Repair.


The field of regenerative medicine has been evolving ever since its conceptualization in 1901. A century’s worth of research and development has led to countless innovations and discoveries that has improved the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. From rejuvenation, reversal of chronic conditions, recovery from a debilitating disease, to regeneration of specific organs, the field of regenerative medicine has had its fair share of successes.
The beginnings of cell therapy consisted of experimentation with different types of animal cells. The results of these experiments proved promising and encouraging in all aspects of the 4R’s (Rejuvenation, Reversal, Recovery, and Regeneration). However, several schools of thought would argue about the validity of animal sources as the best type of donor for recipients of cell therapy. Hence, the human sources for cell therapy became the next frontier in cell therapy.
Human stem cells can be differentiated into several types. The 3 main groups of human stem cells are: mesenchymal stem cells, embryonic stem cells, and the induced pluripotent stem cells. Among the 3 types of human stem cells, the embryonic stem cells would have the best capacity to perform the 4R’s due to the abundance of its pluripotent stem cell content (the ability of stem cells to transform into specific types of tissues or organs). Due to controversially and morally related issues, the use of embryonic stem cells is only limited to animal sources instead of the much better human sources.
Induced pluripotent stem cells are the next best thing that research has come up with. The ability to reverse the stem cell lineage from adult stem cells to embryonic stem cells was discovered in 2006 by Shinya Yamanaka which eventually won him the Nobel Prize. Ever since this discovery, bio-engineered human stem cells (stem cells that are grown in the laboratory) has been made into reality. The ability for scientists to literally “grow” specific human tissues or organs in the laboratory made it possible to develop a system called bio-engineered cell lysate therapy.
Benefits of Bio-engineered Cell Lysate Therapy 
  • Anti-aging / Hormonal abnormalities /Increase collagen / Reduce Hair Loss/ Energy boosting
  • Nerve Damage/ Heart Bypass Recipient / Organ Damage / Skin Burn
  • Diabetes mellitus/ Parkinson's disease/ Alzheimer's disease / Chronic Pain
  • Osteoarthritis / Joint Mobility / Spinal Cord Injuries / Stroke / Heart Disease