How different are the doctors at Sante Sanctuary compared to my regular GP (general practitioner)

At Sante Sanctuary, our doctors subscribe to a holistic view of health and wellness. We practice complementary and alternative medicine that falls within the umbrella of functional medicine. In short, our doctors specifically address the health care needs of the 21st century by shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach. Our doctors do not depend on the prescription of traditional pharmaceutical drugs and solutions to address health concerns, preferring instead to propose therapies and supplements that are natural and preventive in nature.

What information can be found in my health record

health record is created any time you see a health professional such as a doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor, or psychiatrist. You could find the following in your health record:

  • Your medical history and your family’s medical history
  • Labs and x-rays
  • Medications prescribed
  • Alcohol use and sexual activity
  • Details about your lifestyle (smoking, exercise, recreational drug use, high-risk sports, stress levels)
  • Doctor/nurse notes
  • Results of operations and proceduresGenetic testing
  • Research participation
  • Any Information you provide on applications for disability, life or accidental insurance with private insurers or government programs
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Number
  • Financial information such as credit cards and payment info

How do I know what I am suffering from? I am not suffering from a major disease that I know of but yet I feel tired, depressed and low, unlike my “usual self”.

Many of the ailments we suffer from in the 21st century are not easy to pinpoint. Instead, their symptoms are vague and inconsistent. At Sante Sanctuary, these are the kind of conditions we specialize on – gut health, immunity health and hormonal imbalances, that usually only become apparent from an observance of low libido, general sense of fatigue, hair loss and so on. To identify your state of health, our doctors will first access you via a series of tests that include a blood test before determining a diagnosis.

Who has access to my health records

Many more people than you would ever want, including people outside the health care industry.

  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies especially if you receive Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, SSI, Workers Comp or any local, state or federal assistance
  • Employers
  • Banks, Financial Institutions
  • Researchers
  • If you are involved in a court case, your health records can be subpoenaed and available to the public
  • Marketers
  • Drug companies
  • Data miners
  • Transcribers in and outside the U.S.
  • Many health websites collect information about you

Do I need to check in to the clinic

All our services are outpatient services as we do not perform any surgical procedures at our clinic.

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How do I know which doctor to see

All our doctors are qualified and certified to see patients for all the treatments and services we offer, therefore if you do not specify a doctor when you make an appointment, we shall select one for you.

Can my personal health information be used and disclosed without any notice to me or without my informed consent at the time of treatment


The Amended HIPAA Privacy Rule states only that you must receive a Privacy Notice telling you how your personal health information will be used and disclosed. Section 164.520(c) (2) (i) (A).
Privacy Notices are often mistaken for consent forms, but they are simply notices telling you what will happen to your medical records.