Owner & Founder

Michael Loh founded Santé Sanctuary to combat what he saw as a shortfall in the ways the health issues of the 21st century were addressed. Stricken by heart disease in his late thirties, the corporate warrior overhauled his life and habits and embarked on a personal crusade of Executive Health Wellness, where he began making correlations between stress and the increasing number of mortalities of high-powered executives under the age of 50.

Before setting up Santé Sanctuary, Michael was the Group Managing Director and Senior Executive Director of Villa Medica International, where he was responsible for opening regenerative cell clinics across Asia, before heading up as Development Director for China’s luxurious medical destination, Sangha in SuZhou by Living Octave, Shanghai China, Michael was instrumental in setting up the Functional Medicine Clinic and its unique programs that befits the high profile offerings.

He is the founder of the globally renowned SpaAsia magazine, the Crystal Awards, and the Wellness Summits. He has also served as President of the International Medical Spa Association and Day Spa Association–Asia Pacific.

Michael foresees a shift towards preventive and personalised healthcare through regenerative and integrative medicine principles.

“Today’s world is an exciting place to live in, but it is also one fraught with health challenges. Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, mental wellness and stroke are just some of the things we now commonly suffer from; and so are conditions such as allergies, low immunity, imbalanced hormones, chronic inflammation and decreased sexual libido. These diseases and conditions are lifestyle related and can be prevented. My aim is to offer all our patients a real shot at a great and sustainable quality of life through functional medicine via individually-tailored, comprehensive, effective and readily available solutions and therapies. ”