Gut Repair Program


The Gut is considered as the second brain. It is responsible for multiple physiological functions in the body, therefore, the status of one’s gut health can ultimately affect the entire human system. Sante Sanctuary’s Gut Repair Program includes a unique approach to supporting the body’s second brain. The 6 weeks program involves an all-natural approach to detoxification of the colon- from hydrocolonic therapy, microcirculation enhancement therapy, intravenous nutrient therapy, and organic supplementation. This program aims to repair, replenish, and rejuvenate one of the most important detoxification systems of the body.
What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome
A leaky gut is sometimes referred to as an increased intestinal permeability. It is a syndrome that occurs when the thin wall of your intestinal tract gets damaged by poor eating habits or exposure to harmful substances which can create tiny holes. This causes toxins, proteins such as gluten, bad bacteria and undigested food particles that are being processed in the gut to leak out into your bloodstream causing an immune reaction.
Your gastrointestinal tract houses about 70% of your immune system, so a leaky gut also has a profound effect on your immunity. When leaks happen, the gut flora alerts our immune system to “fight” the breach. If these breaches occur all the time as a result- a leaky gut, your immune system is constantly fighting fires and has little resources left to look after the rest of your body.


Symptoms of Leaky Gut
Signs of leaky gut:
  1. Chronic diarrheas, constipation, gas or bloating
  2. Nutritional deficiencies
  3. Poor immune system
  4. Headaches, brain fog, memory loss
  5. Excessive fatigue
  6. Skin rashes and problems such as acne, eczema or rosacea
  7. Cravings for sugar or carbs
  8. Arthritis or joint pain
  9. Depression, anxiety , ADD, ADHD
  10. Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease or Crohn’s
How to Repair Your Gut?
A 40-day program designed to kick-start the journey into a healthier gut, a stronger immune system and an overall healthier body.
The 4Rs of healing a leaky gut:
  1. REMOVE foods and factors that damage the gut
  2. REPAIR with our personalised supplementations
  3. RESTORE with our enhanced prebiotics and probiotics
  4. REPLACE with bile salts, digestive enzymes and supplementation
Therapies that will support the program: Hydrocolonics Therapy, Salt Flush, and Coffee Enema